Happy Valentine’s Day to Our Veterans!
We love and honor you all!

National Salute to Veteran Patients

Week of February 14th

The residents at the Levitow Healthcare Center in Rocky Hill, CT are very dear to us.   Although COVID-19 has prevented us from hosting activities or scheduling a day of entertainment for them, it’s important they know we are thinking of them.

Thanks to our Veteran Support Chairperson, Leah Ellsworth-Forrest, our VAVs Rep & Dep, Suzanne Morgera and Karen Kuziel, and our moms, we were able to send 245 cards to the Levitow Healthcare center and the West Haven VA for Valentine’s Day.

The cards are a small gesture but packed full of love and gratitude for our Veterans’ military service.

We are very appreciative to Jennifer Heil and her staff at the Levitow Healthcare Center, and John Daniels at the West Haven VA, for all their help to distribute these cards.